Barbarea stricta Andrz.

Small-flowered wintercress

source: Stefan Lefnaer (2013), Wikimedia Commons (license CCASA 3.0 Unported)
source: Stefan Lefnaer (2013), Wikimedia Commons (license CCASA 3.0 Unported)


GrinTax -
The Plant list Barbarea stricta Andrz. ex Besser
English name Small-flowered wintercress

Crop relationship
American cress taxon group 4

FLORON data (2014)
Indigeneity native
Trend since 1950 stable or increasing
Presence common
Status least concern
Legal protection unlisted

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Legend distribution maps

upper map:

  • red: locations of presence from year 2000 onwards
  • blue: previous localities where the species has not been observed anymore after 1999.
  • source:

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lower map:

Distribution area
Europe N-, E- and Central-Europe
Asia W-Asia
Africa -
North-America -
Sourth-America -
Australia -
source:, 2015
source:, 2015

Expected distribution due to climate change

Expected distribution area in 2070 in the European region and in the Netherlands compared with current suitable areas under an optimistic and a pessimistic climate change scenario (see: About CWRnl / Methodology). Click on a map to enlarge.


Optimistic scenario

Distribution data GBIF, July 2017
Distribution data GBIF, July 2017

Pessimistic scenario


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