Seed collecting


Because of their threatened status, Red List CWR constitute the main priority in CGNs sampling programme. For each of these species, suitable populations were selected for sampling of the genetic diversity of the species in the Netherlands based on biogeographic data of the National Database Flora and Fauna (NDFF). A total of ~300 populations were selected for the 53 Red List species (see illustration).

Each year CGN chooses a number of areas for the sampling of selected populations of Red List species. Thereby, also seeds are sampled of unthreatened CWR that occur in these areas because the ultimate goal is to safeguard the diversity of all Dutch CWR. The collected seed samples are cleaned, dried and stored under vacuum conditions at -20˚C in the storage facility of CGN. In addition, the viability of the samples is checked by means of a germination test and all relevant data regarding the seed samples are documented. A total of 271 seed samples of 119 CWR have been collected until 2024. CGN has developed a brochure (in Dutch) about the sampling programme that can be downloaded here.



The collecting of seeds of more than 200 species throughout the Netherlands is a big challenge. Therefore, CGN actively cooperates with local managers, volunteers and the foundation ‘The Living Archive’ (Het Levend Archief). Until 2024, the following persons contributed to the sampling programme for which they are gratefully acknowledged.

Beenackers, Erik-Jan Harmsel, Ruben ter Rooijackers, Frank
Boer, Johan de Herder, Jeanette den Rooijen, Nils van
Bohm, Sina Hintum, Theo van Schaminée, Abel
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Bouman, Alde Huiskes, Rik Schaminée, Joop
Breet, Mikay Jacobusse, Chiel Smits, Jorik
Bruijn, Lana de Jansen, Jan Speksnijder, Erik
Bruinsma, Ben Jasper, Niki Tas, Kenneth
Calle, Pepijn Klinge, Frank Treuren, Rob van
Dooijeweert, Willem van Lemmens, Mirjam Velzen, Ton van
Eimers, Niels Lemmens, Roel Versteeg, Aad
Gielen, Roelof Lievers, Rik Wolfs, Rian
Gorrée, Marieke Logister, Anneke Zoest, Koen van
Groot, Wim de Meiracker, Nika van den Zwart, Awie de
Hagen, Harrie van der Pokorni, Omar

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