Setaria verticillata (L.) P. Beauv.

Bristly foxtail

source: Stefan lefnaer (2015), publisher: Wikimedia Commons  (license CCASA 4.0 International)
source: Stefan lefnaer (2015), publisher: Wikimedia Commons (license CCASA 4.0 International)


GrinTax Setaria verticillata (L.) P. Beauv.
The Plant list Setaria verticillata (L.) P. Beauv.
English name Bristly foxtail

Crop relationship
Foxtail millet secondary genepool

FLORON data (2014)
Indigeneity naturalized in 18th century
Trend since 1950 stable or increasing
Presence common
Status least concern
Legal protection unlisted

© NDFF, 2015
© NDFF, 2015

Legend distribution maps

upper map:

  • red: locations of presence from year 2000 onwards
  • blue: previous localities where the species has not been observed anymore after 1999.
  • source:

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lower map:

Distribution area
Europe warm-temperate zones
Asia warm-temperate zones
Africa warm-temperate zones
North-America naturalized
South-America -
Australia naturalized
source:, 2015
source:, 2015

Expected distribution due to climate change

Expected distribution area in 2070 in the European region and in the Netherlands compared with current suitable areas under an optimistic and a pessimistic climate change scenario (see: About CWRnl / Methodology). Click on a map to enlarge.


Optimistic scenario

Distribution data GBIF, July 2017
Distribution data GBIF, July 2017

Pessimistic scenario


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