Valerianella carinata Loisel.

Keeled-fruited cornsalad

source: Rob van Treuren, CGN 2015
source: Rob van Treuren, CGN 2015


GrinTax Valerianella carinata Loisel.
The Plant list Valerianella carinata Loisel.
English name Keeled-fruited cornsalad

Crop relationship
Corn salad same genus

FLORON data (2024)
Indigeneity naturalized before 1500
Trend since 1950 decreasing (25-50%)
Presence rare
Status Red List: near threatened
Legal protection unlisted

© NDFF, 2024
© NDFF, 2024

Legend distribution maps

upper map:

  • red: most recent observation year >= 2000
  • blue: most recent observation year < 2000
  • yellow circle: not wild.
  • source:
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lower map:

Distribution area
Europe S-,W- and Central-Europe
Asia SW-Asia
Africa N-Africa
North-America naturalized in W-USA
South-America -
Australia -
source:, 2015
source:, 2015

Expected distribution due to climate change

Expected distribution area in 2070 in the European region and in the Netherlands compared with current suitable areas under an optimistic and a pessimistic climate change scenario (see: About CWRnl / Methodology). Click on a map to enlarge.


Optimistic scenario

Distribution data GBIF, June 2016. doi:10.15468/dl.gckxlb
Distribution data GBIF, June 2016. doi:10.15468/dl.gckxlb

Pessimistic scenario


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